Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Zindagi.... har kadam... ek nayi Jaaaang hai..
KT is my best friend from D-102 !
-Kunal Tiwari aka KT is currently working at Infosys, Pune


IIT Lan provided us battleground of 'Age of Empires'.. Ramlal, Dubey and Me were self proclaimed Gods of AoE. We played hours and hours taking breaks only for meals sometimes. During the meals we discussed the strategy! We started fighting against 4-5 Hardest..
Dubey was a bas^ard, never used to help us till the time he is strong enough..and till the time he grew his army we both are swiped out..

AoE gave us innumerable night outs and 'moments' to remember...
-Ramlal went to IIM-L and is now in Cadburry's
-Dubey is going to IIM-K

Anil Kumble

We gathered at my flat in Powai. All of us were partying and having fun. Those days any party was accompanied by high volume TV. And this time we were watching B4U. Just when trailer of movie Black & White came, it showed the new debuting actor on the screen and lovely Sumeet Parmar guessed: "Anil Kumble"
There was pure silence in the room.. Of everything and every channel why would Anil Kumble come on B4U and that too in a movie $%*%#
Hats Off to Sumeet Parmar.. Truely a Heera!!!

-Parmar would top the list of persons who bring smile to me everytime I think of :-)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


No sooner that we found that skype is working in IIT and that we can voice chat with each other from different hostels we started exploiting it. I still remember the night when we 3: me, Nana and Pragya played DJ for each other whole night. It started with funny antakshari when we played song one after the other. Then we started playing our favourite songs for each other. Songs ranged from sweet oldies to rocking new ones. Its one night that I would never forget in my life. Thats one thing from IIT am gonna miss all my life !!



Happy Birthday !!!!

sharma ji (30March2009): Yaar please bata do 2nd April ko kya hai?
sharma ji (31March2009): Yaar yeh toh bata do 2nd April ko kuchh achcha hai ya bura?
me: yaar mere liye toh achchi hai.. tumhare liye bhi achchi hi hai..
sharma ji(1April2009): Yaar ab toh bata do
sharma ji(2April2009): .............%$%O

2April is my B-day, Sharma ji is my office (Lehman now Nomura) colleague and good friend whom I meet first from the office everyday and spent most time and mails with him :-)

Radhe B#orasi

Radhe B#orasi Chor hai... Radhe B#orasi ^#$&*#^ hai...

-Dhammo getting married on 13th-May-2009

Bike Song

Song on bike: Jaane kaise kab kahaan ikraar ho gaya.. hum sochte hi reh gaye aur pyaar ho gaya...

Miss you Vivek !!